Things we love about living in Milford Sound


The Milford Sound Lodge team is a friendly, outdoor-loving and adventurous bunch; which makes sense because we live in the middle of a remote National Park! Here are some of the things our team values the most about living and working in such a unique place.

Living in Milford Sound

“Living in such a beautiful place gives new meaning to my after work runs…plus, I get to wake up every morning to the mountains. And standing under the spray of Bowen Falls is a real thrill!”

  • Heiko

“The options for outdoor adventures are endless. I recently climbed Mitre peak – amazing! There’s nowhere else like Milford.”

  • Dill
Living in Milford Sound

Photo Credit: Johan Lolos

“It’s awesome being surrounded by vibrant, interesting go-getters. Sometimes after work a group of us head to the tunnel pools – freezing, but an awesome end to the day.”

  • Lisa

“My regular outdoor adventures make me so happy. It’s a special place that attracts special people. “

  • Arnaud

“Being so close to trails like the Routeburn is awesome. One of my favourite memories so far is doing the Routeburn Track with friends. It’s all really good fun.”

  • James
living in milford sound

Photo Credit: Johan Lolos

“The first boat cruise I ever took on Milford Sound was amazing. I love all of the hiking – Key Summit on the Routeburn and Lake Marian are amazing trails”

  • Matt

“Seeing the waterfalls outside my door every time it rains is a real buzz. Yes, it rains a lot here but those waterfalls definitely make it worth it!”

  • Lauren

While we’re pretty spoilt when it comes to being able to explore all of Milford, guests are able to get a taste of what we enjoy by staying a night or two. Don’t rush off in a day trip – catch your breath, wake up to the mountains and let Milford work its magic on you too!