Best places near Milford Sound to watch the sunrise


Someone once said that “perfect happiness is a beautiful sunrise,” and we’re inclined to agree. Once you’ve seen the sunrise on a new day in one of these beautiful places near Milford Sound you’ll know that happiness most definitely comes in beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange.

Here are some places near Milford Sound that are our favourite spots to watch the sunrise.

Milford Sound Lodge

Yes, we may be a little bit bias, but how lucky are we? The most magical sun rises are right on our doorstep! Head to the riverside to catch the first rays of the sun on the high mountains. For anyone staying in our chalets, the view can be enjoyed from the comfort of your bed – amazing.

Places near Milford Sound

Walk a few minutes from Milford Sound Lodge and set up your camera ready to capture the sunrise.

Photo thanks to Meghan Maloney Photography

Milford Sound Pier

The most photographed mountain in the Southern Hemisphere, Mitre Peak takes a whole new dimension of stunning at dawn – an epic summary of how beautiful a Milford Sound sunrise is. Grab a coffee (an absolute essential), head to the pier and enjoy the drama of the beginning of a new day. Don’t let a cloud day put you off. The sunrise gets better when the rays play hide and seek with the clouds.

Places near Milford Sound

Set yourself up on the Pier with your coffee and get ready for any clouds to part

Bird’s eye view

Take to the skies above the towering peaks and lush landscape to enjoy the true majesty of a sunrise in this part of the world. There are plenty of options for scenic flights departing Te Anau and Queenstown.

Places near Milford Sound

Book an Air Fiordland scenic flight for when the sun is rising

Mount Luxmore

In a landscape of picture-perfect spots, Mount Luxmore, on the Kepler Track, figures very high on the list (literally). You will need to spend the night at Mount Luxmore hut, one of the most scenic overnight spots amongst all of New Zealand’s Great Walks. You’ll run out of adjectives to describe the sun rise seen from this spot.

Lake Manapori

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand, this remote spot has an unmissable sunrise. The orange glow on the mountains behind a picture-perfect lake is every photographer’s delight.