Boat cruise or kayak: how to decide which Milford Sound activity to experience?


Both kayaking and boat cruising are fabulous experiences. We’d suggest do both. If you had to pick one, the choice will be based on your interests and skills. Here are some things you should know about these two popular Milford Sound activities.

Kayaking in Milford Sound

Kayaking in Milford Sound definitely gets you closer to nature and wildlife. You can reach out and touch the water and rocks, get under the waterfalls and stop when you just want to soak it all in. It is definitely an adventure, but the good part about kayaking in Milford Sound is that you define your pace. It is a surreal experience as you experience complete silence, except the sound of rain and wind – no people. Only you along with the small crew and others on your kayaking tour!

Kayaking in Milford Sound

Kayaking in Milford Sound is an adventure – you can atcually touch the water and rocks!

Kayaking in Milford Sound is among the many activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, skills and abilities. However, you need to be reasonably fit to enjoy it. Tandem kayaking tours are also offered for those not comfortable paddling out into the open waters on their own.

If you’re big on photography, loading expensive photography equipment on a kayak is not the safest best, especially if it rains – and it rains most of the year in this part of the world. Unless you have a Go Pro or similar, taking pictures is also not the easiest feat from a bobbing kayak.

Kayaking in Milford Sound in the rain is not for everyone, but if you’re enthusiastic and don’t mind a wet bottom for some time, there is nothing quite like Milford Sound in the rain. Remember on a kayak, you don’t have the option of drying off and even the multitude of thermal and waterproof layers of clothing provided by operators don’t stop the trickles of water seeping through.

A Milford Sound cruise is Definitely the more popular of the two


Boat cruises in Milford Sound

The easier of the two options, boat cruises are no less spectacular than kayaking in Milford Sound. The experienced cruise operators are quite adept at getting you near the waterfalls and as close to the wildlife as possible. Admittedly, it is not as close as kayaking! On the flip side, it involves no exertion and takes you further than a kayak tour.

Definitely the more popular of the two Milford Sound activities in question, you can choose from a raft of day cruises, as well as some overnight cruises. The covered areas of the vessels are a comfortable refuge for those wanting to experience Milford Sound’s splendour but not get completely doused in rain when doing this or blown off by gales that cut through your skin. Hot beverages and snacks are offered on board and the crew, like the kayak tour guides, have a fantastic knowledge of the local area.

You’ll also have more company on board a cruise. Depending on what sort of traveller you are, engaging with people from all corners of the globe is quite enjoyable.  Your camera equipment secure and dry, you can spend your time on the cruise capturing the gravity-defying waterfalls of Milford Sound and towering peaks that jut out from the inky waters.