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Milford Sound Lodge Environmental Policy

Here at Milford Sound Lodge, we live and work in one of New Zealand’s most remote wilderness locations.

Every day we’re surrounded by nature at it’s most pure, which makes us incredibly passionate about managing the impact we have on the environment.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of everything we do here at Milford Sound Lodge. Here are some of the things we undertake to minimise our footprint.

Our daily food waste is re-used on a local Fiordland pig farm

And our coffee grind makes fantastic fertiliser for the local school veggie garden!


We limit our landfill waste as much as possible by recycling as much as we can, and actively encourage our guests to do the same. Prominent recycling bins can be found in all of our communal spaces.

We use local products where possible

Local wine, Stewart Island salmon, kiwi craft beer – we look to source products and produce locally before searching further afield, cutting our carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly and non-chemical products

From cleaning products to the detergent we use to wash our dishes, we prioritize the use of eco-friendly products that do not use chemicals.

Team and guest education

All of our team lives on-site, and during induction and team trainings we emphasise the ways they can live more sustainably while they’re here. Our Green Project is something every Milford Sound Lodge team member takes part in, and is all about coming up with ways to minimise our impact on the local environment. All team members are actively involved in putting forward suggestions so the project is able to continually develop.

Guests are actively encouraged to minimise their waste and recycle whenever possible.