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Dive Milford Sound

Dive trips unlike anywhere else on the planet; Explore Piopiotahi (Milford Sound) Marine Reserve

As spectacular below the water as it is above, Milford Sound is known by divers as New Zealand’s ‘coral capital’. Sheer cliff faces plunge into the inky darkness, creating stunning diving along the fiord wall. Here, in this unique marine ecosystem dive amongst black coral trees, some reaching six metres in height. Typically found in deep-water trenches, these coral trees exist in Milford’s shallower waters thriving in the dark water where sunlight fails to penetrate the layer of freshwater and seawater. Completely white with a jet-black skeleton, Black Coral viewing is renowned amongst the diving community.

A diver looks at a vibrant red coral in Milford Sound, one of Milford Sound Lodge's activities.

The most popular diving trips in Milford Sound

For First-Time Divers Morning Single Dive Tour

Never dived before? Not a problem. You can do a single private dive, completely taken care of with an instructor, diving up to 12 metres depending on your personal preference and fitness level.

Your Milford Sound dive experience Includes:

  • Boat cruise of the entire fiord
  • One private guided dive with an instructor
  • Full equipment rental, snacks and refreshments
  • Light lunch, snacks and refreshments
  • Drysuit upgrades are available

For Experienced Divers Morning Double Dive Tour (Qualified divers)

Board the 9-metre Westbay, or the 6-metre catamaran Pacific Runner embark on a dive you’ll never forget. Both dives will be at sites chosen on the divers’ experience level, weather and wind direction. Usually, dives are located in the marine reserve on the northern side of Milford Sound. Both boats are purpose-built for diving with a large dive platform and drop-down ladder.

Your Milford Sound dive experience includes:

  • Boat cruise of the entire fiord
  • Two guided dives
  • Full equipment rental
  • Light lunch, snacks and refreshments

Ready to book your diving adventure?

We can book your Milford Sound activities. For local advice on activities and making the most of your time at Milford Sound Lodge, contact our team today.

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Book a Milford Sound Dive

What will I see diving Milford Sound?

It’s not only rare coral gardens that make Milford Sound a unique diving experience. In a marine environment described by Jacques Costeau as “the last frontier”, you may also see dolphins, seals, sharks, eels, octopus, stingray, crayfish and an abundance of fish.

Milford has an incredibly rich ecosystem and exploring the fiord from below the water as well as above it makes for an experience that’s truly unforgettable.

Which diving trip is best for me?

The highly experienced Descend Scuba Diving team run Milford Sound’s diving experiences. They offer a range of dive trip options catering to first-timers and qualified divers. Descend provides training for those looking to take their diving to the next level as well as easy dives for first-timers with an instructor by your side.

Afraid of the cold?

No worries! You can stay cosy and dry with our drysuits. The Descend team specialises in drysuit training which can be seamlessly integrated into the dive tour. Just ask for a drysuit upgrade when you book.

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