What to do in Milford Sound Hike the Milford Track

Things to do in Milford Sound


Discover pristine Milford Sound your own way. Whether you are hiking the Milford Track, or sightseeing by kayak, combining these experiences by staying at Milford Sound Lodge will help you to get the most out of your time in Fiordland. Below is a list of some of things to do, activities and attractions available for you to enjoy while in this stunning region.

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What to do in Milford Sound cruise
Milford Sound Boat Cruises

Your visit to Milford Sound isn’t complete without a boat cruise around this iconic fiord. Get out on the water and discover towering waterfalls, lush rainforest, sheer granite cliffs and cheeky marine life.

What to do in Milford Sound kayak
Milford Kayaking Trips

Explore Milford Sound, a World Heritage destination, by kayak for a very personal encounter. Gliding along the inky waters in a small group, kayaking allows you to appreciate the sheer grandeur of these glacier-carved, ancient landscapes.

What to do in Milford Sound hike
Milford Track & Walking

Fiordland is a world-famous hiking paradise. Whether you decide on a multi-day adventure like the Milford Track or a shorter day walk, exploring on foot makes for an authentic and hugely rewarding experience.

Milford Sound Private Tour

See the best of Milford Sound through the eyes of a local and design an incredible, privately-hosted day out in Milford Sound and surrounding areas. Pick and choose from some of Milford’s most popular attractions to create a personalised itinerary for you and your companions. Ideal for couples, families, and small groups (up to four people).

What to do in Milford Sound photography
Other Experiences

From world-renowned fly fishing to stunning scenic flights and adventures along the Milford Road, Fiordland is a truly unique part of the country. Take your time – there’s so much to see and do!