What to do in Milford Sound kayak

Milford Sound Kayaking Trips

Kayaking Milford Sound offers a chance to get up close with the magic of Milford Sound in a small group

Gliding along at water level allows the paddler to get a real feel for the enormity of the peaks towering overhead and, if the opportunity presents itself, a close encounter with the special marine wildlife that regularly frequents the fiords.

Which kayaking trip is for me?

Some trips are designed for novice paddlers and require only modest physical effort. These trips offer all the gear you will need and reward your effort with a very personal experience of Milford Sound.  Others require more physical ability. Below are the three trips that are most popular with Milford Sound Lodge guests.

Sunriser Classic

Very popular with couples and friends, this morning trip is about 5.5 hours long, and involves exploring a big loop of the inner part of Milford Sound by paddle power.
Ability level: Suitable for all levels of kayaking experience. 

Stirling Sunriser

A favourite of backpackers, this trip involves taking a water taxi out beyond Stirling Falls (151m), then slowly paddling back to Milford Sound. A highlight of this experience is paddling as close as you dare to this famous waterfall.
Ability level: Some previous kayaking experience necessary. 

Morning Glory

Also popular with backpackers, paddle the whole length of Milford Sound out to the Tasman Sea (weather permitting) before returning to Milford Sound by water taxi. This is a premium and unforgettable sea kayaking adventure, leaving in the early morning.
Ability level: Suitable for experienced kayakers

Read our kayaking Milford Sound FAQ page here. You must be 14 years or older. 

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