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Best reasons to explore Milford Sound on a rainy day

A couple laugh as they're splashed by a cascading waterfall on a Milford Sound Cruise.

Milford Sound is spectacular in any weather but on a rainy day, you feel the full force of nature in this World Heritage wonderland. Imagine pop-up waterfalls, hanging mist and granite cliffs that get lost amidst low-hanging clouds. Read our top reasons to explore Milford Sound on a rainy day, and you’ll be packing those gumboots (or galoshes!) in no time.

A couple laugh as they're splashed by a cascading waterfall on a Milford Sound Cruise.

You can go waterfall hunting

When the clouds roll in, and the rain arrives, that’s when Milford Sound comes to life. Hundreds and thousands of cascading waterfalls appear from hidden valleys, amidst the lush rainforests and sheer cliffs. It’s like a pop-up exhibition of marvellous, hypnotising waterfalls – an everchanging wonderland that unfolds right before your eyes. Like lava flowing down volcanoes, this natural phenomenon will take your breath away as the overflowing life force travels down from the sky to the sea.

A walk in the rain is good for the soul

In our humble opinion, blue skies can get rather boring. When you have clouds and rain, things are a bit more dramatic and exciting. It’s also the perfect opportunity to play a game of spot the cloud – is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it an All Black? Since you’re already outside, it’s probably a good idea to carry on and enjoy a walk in the rain. There have been numerous scientific studies conducted tackling the long-running question: “Is it better to run or walk in the rain?” As fascinating as this debate is, we’ll leave that one for you to decide. And after all that walking, you may find yourself parched. That’s when a visit to picturesque Monkey Creek is handy where you can fill and re-fill your water bottle to your heart’s content with fresh glacier water that you can drink right at the source.

Enjoy a cruise or kayak with heightened senses

In many ways, rain is nature’s way of serenading us with an outdoor symphony. The continuous drip drop and pitter-patter – on land, on water, on a boat or on a kayak, make for some outstanding melodies. So why not get amongst it and enjoy a cruise or kayak in misty, magical conditions. They are likely the best seats in the house and will have you applauding for an encore. Plus the rain and the mist doesn’t stop the wildlife from visiting – so keep your eyes peeled for fur seals, penguins, keas, dolphins and even whales.

Photo-ops like you wouldn’t believe

Milford Sound in rainy conditions looks like no other place on earth. Misty, moody, most definitely a hint of magic, you’ll have to allow yourself plenty of time to photograph the raw beauty of the natural elements, putting on the world’s greatest show right in front of your eyes. You’ll understand what we mean when you get here.

Clouded peaks and still water create the perfect reflection at Milford Sound.

With scenery like this, it would be hard not to get a good shot. Photo Credit: Tourism Holdings