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Our favourite Milford Sound winter photos

The sun breaks through grey clouds over Milford Sound between mountain peaks.

Milford Sound is truly in its element in the heart of winter, and we think it’s actually one of the best times to visit the area. There are plenty of clear days, even if the air is a bit brisk, so as long as you wrap up warm you can enjoy the stunning scenery, with less crowds and picture-perfect snow capped peaks. Here are some of our favourite Milford Sound winter photos!

Wild river running into Milford Sound in Winter, snow-capped mountains, near Milford Sound Lodge

Milford Sound is home to some gorgeous alpine lakes. Nestled high in the rocky mountains, they are like icy cold jewels in winter time. On your walk to find them, you can count on plenty of rivers, streams and breathtaking waterfalls to guide your way. More snow melt in winter means rivers run faster and the waterfalls are even more stunning.

Low hanging clouds over Milford Sound with a dusting of snow on the peaks.

Brr! You can almost feel how cold and crisp the water is! Ice and snow trickle down through the mountains to make crystal clear and mirrored rivers and lakes. This photo  from @jibs.k perfectly captures a cool blue tinted day.

Sunset over the Milford Sound between the peaks, showing an incredible display of colour.

You may hit the odd cloudy and moody winter’s day, but vistas and views are a guarantee in Milford Sound. Wrap up snug, head out in the early evening, and check out some of the iconic views while the sun sets and paints the sky some unbelievable colours. We love the colours and light in this photo by @undersoulphotography of Mitre Peak. 

A close up of a kea, local wildlife in Milford Sound. Regular guests at Milford Sound Lodge.

Want to chill out with a cheeky Kea one-on-one? These clever parrots are our beloved alpine clowns, and are known to be a bit beaks-on with people’s cars and lunch sometimes. The cold doesn’t slow these guys down – they are built for it! We love the mischievous glint in this little guy’s eye, who has clearly been having some fun in a muddy snow puddle!

A child enjoys a swing on the banks for Milford Sound with mountain peaks in the background.

Slow down, pull over or hang around for a while. There are less visitors around in winter, so you have plenty of opportunities to take in the views without the crowds. Stop and smell the roses, or in this case the clear and cold mountain air! Out here it’s just you, the clouds, and mountains, like @benedikteroness’ serene photo.