Five reasons to visit Milford Sound this winter


Winter is our favorite time to live in Milford Sound. The combination of fewer people, impressive weather and waterfalls at their full-throttle best are just a few of the things we love about living here during the cooler months.

Here are five reasons we’ve put together on why you should come and visit Milford Sound this winter – enjoy!

  1. You’ll have the place (pretty much) to yourself

During the summer months Milford Sound is a popular place to visit, and the days are often somewhat busy. But from April onwards, we see less visitors – so visiting in winter means there will be a lot fewer people around. The landscapes are just as grand, but you’ll have many of them all to yourself.

Visit Milford Sound in Winter milford road in snow

  1. Fiordland’s glorious weather

Think that fine, sunny weather is a pre-requisite for a visit to any World Heritage site? When it comes to Milford Sound, think again. Extreme weather patterns defines the geography of this place, and wildly changeable weather is common throughout the year. Adding to the drama of the landscape, Fiordland sees around 200 wet days per year. Why is that a good thing, you might ask? See reason #3…

  1. Waterfalls and waterways in all their glory

Milford Sound comes to life during torrential rain. Enormous granite cliffs are suddenly covered by great rivers of rainwater, scouring the sides of the mountains in huge, flowing ribbons. Both the Bowen and Sutherland Falls are at their most vibrant after heavy rainfall – feeling the spray of a Milford Waterfall as it thunders down a cliff face is something pretty special! But its not just Milford Sound that comes to life when the heavens open; the Milford Road, one of the world’s most stunning drives, is also at its moody, misty best.

At higher altitudes, rain falls as snow, dusting the tops of local mountains in a stark white; turning Milford into a winter wonderland.

Visit Milford Sound in Winter milford road waterfalls

  1. A photographer’s dream

Wildlife – both in and around the water – thrives in Milford Sound. During the winter months, guests are often delighted to be able to enjoy pods of dolphins, fur seals and even the odd whale without the hustle and bustle of high season. Photographers will love not needing to compete with others for the perfect shot, and because boat cruise timetables are pared back in the winter months, there’s lower chance of another boat getting in a photo. Back on land, soak up opportunities to take photos of the Kea bird or the Weka bird – they seem to be more confident when there are fewer people around.

Visit Milford Sound in Winter paradise ducks

  1. Cosy winter accommodation

Our Riverside Chalets are our most popular accommodation options during the winter months. King-size beds, grand views, your own kitchenette and even a bath (BYO bubbles) makes coming back to your room at the end of a day’s exploring absolute bliss. We think there’s nothing better than being cosied up in your own chalet at night when the wind is howling and the rain is pouring, especially when you’re deep within a national park!

See you this winter in Milford Sound.