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Premium Rainforest Campervan Park

Milford Sound's only campground and a New Zealand must-do

Experience the ultimate Milford Sound adventure with our premium campground. Don't settle for a day-trip when you can have an exclusive overnight stay amidst Fiordland's breathtaking world-famous rainforest.

With just 20 powered sites available, there is limited capacity which makes this opportunity truly exceptional. After the tour buses have departed, you’ll be able to relish in the tranquility of the fiord, capturing stunning shots of Mitre Peak, or simply bask in the serenity under the mesmerizing southern skies.

Milford Sound Lodge is your gateway to an unforgettable experience but act fast! With high demand for bookings on this exclusive site, our campground fills up quickly, especially during the summer months (November - April).

Make your Milford Sound journey extraordinary and book your premium stay and experience an unforgettable adventure in this world-heritage-listed paradise.

Please note:

  • Maximum campervan length is 7.5 meters.
  • Our sites are designed for one campervan or self-contained vehicle.
  • We do not offer tent sites or rooftop tents at Milford Sound Lodge.
  • Trailers, caravans or boats are not permitted on our site due to space restrictions. There is parking available at Deepwater Basin for boats, just a two-minute drive from the Lodge.


Milford Sound Lodge would like to notify our customers about the natural risks and hazards prevalent in Milford Sound, the remote location where our Lodge is situated. Detailed information of these risks and hazards can be found here.

Guests should be aware that our campsites are beneath native rainforest and therefore pose some risk to campers. These risks may include:

  • Falling branches or trees High winds or storms can increase this risk, potentially causing damage to the vehicle or injury to occupants. This risk is partially mitigated by Milford Sound Lodge undertaking periodic Tree Risk Assessments using professional arborists to assist in managing the forest and associated risk.
  • Debris damage: Trees can shed leaves, branches, and other debris, which may fall onto the campervan and cause damage. This could include scratches, dents, or broken windows if the debris is large enough.
  • Sap and resin: Parking under certain types of trees can expose the campervan to sap and resin, which may be difficult to remove and can damage the vehicle's exterior or paint finish.
  • Wildlife encounters: Camping under trees may attract wildlife such as birds, or insects, which could potentially cause damage to the campervan or be a nuisance to occupants.
  • Limited sunlight for solar panels: If your campervan relies on solar panels for power, parking under dense tree cover may limit the amount of sunlight the panels receive, reducing their effectiveness in charging the vehicle's batteries.

Your Premium Rainforest Campervan Park Features:

  • Premium powered campervan site underneath the rainforest
  • Access to 24-hour guest kitchen
  • Guest lounge with 24-hour access
  • Guest laundry with coin-operated washing machine and dryer
  • Wi-Fi internet free for all guests
  • Please note - We cannot cater for tents or rooftop tents campers

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