Six ways to prepare your child to travel to New Zealand

Finally booked a dream holiday for the brood to the land of the long white cloud? Follow our tips and ideas to make the most of what will definitely be a family vacation of a lifetime.

Get them ready for the big outdoors

One of the many things New Zealand is renowned for is its natural landscapes. Make sure you get the children to embrace them when you travel to New Zealand. Pack your hiking gear and take them into the bush on one of many walks here for a true Kiwi adventure. New Zealand bush is free of predators and there are many short walks to choose from, making tramping here an extremely child-friendly activity. Jump into a lake, run down rolling green hills … it’s all along the way on any Kiwi road trip.

Before they hit the sack, take them to see some of the clearest night skies in the world. Mackenzie Country in South Island is home to the world’s largest Dark Sky Reserve. If not the twinkling stars at night, see glowing worms under the earth in Te Anau or Waitomo – wonders below that earth that amaze all ages.

Tell them about the geothermal delights

Ours is a land shaped by volcanic activity and the wonders of it are visible in many places. You can walk into volcanic cones and lava caves, see bubbling mud and shooting geysers, and enjoy beautiful sulphur pools in all sorts of shades. What they’ve read in books is here to explore in real life.

There are thrill rides for all ages and stages

Dial up the thrill factor when you travel to New Zealand with crazy adventures, many of them are suitable for children. Roll down a hill in a plastic ball (popularly known as zorbing) or test your limits with a bungy or jet ride. For gentler adventures, try ziplining among giant trees, go-karting and luging (something like toboganning). Never a dull moment in NZ!

Explore New Zealand’s wild side

Some of the birds you will see when you travel to New Zealand are not to found anywhere else on the planet! Quite an exciting world when you’re little and only just discovering the excitement of getting up, close to wildlife. If the cheeky kea or kiwis don’t tickle their fancy, the giant whales, playful dolphins, seals and penguins definitely will. You can even swim in the ocean with dolphins.

From beaches to mountains, pack it all in one memorable road trip

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to take in everything the country has to offer is by a good old fashioned New Zealand road trip. Driving across New Zealand is an adventure that takes you through rolling hills, along the rocky coast and through winding mountain paths – sometimes all in one day! Make sure you allow plenty of time for pit stops to take in scenic views, pat a sheep or enjoy meals at a child-friendly cafes.

Make sure you pack suitably

No bigger spoiler than a grumpy kid. Make sure you pack appropriately – the usual such as in-car entertainment packs and snacks are essential. The weather can be quite fast-changing, sometimes within a space of few hours. Dressing up in layers is recommended, so pack accordingly.

Milford Sound Lodge for kids

Don’t rush your stay in Milford with a day trip – catch your breath and enjoy quality family time amidst a World Heritage wonderland with the children. Milford Sound Lodge is great for families; they’ll love trying to spot penguins and seals on a boat cruise on the Sound.