Milford Sound Lodge Blog

We’re fortunate to live and work in one of the most awesome places in New Zealand. Helping visitors get the most out of their time in Milford Sound and Fiordland is something we’re incredibly passionate about. Our blog aims to do just that – by sharing our knowledge of Milford and the awesome ways there are to enjoy it, we hope to help you create a deeper connection with this World Heritage destination when you visit. Enjoy!

Best reasons to explore Milford Sound on a rainy day

Milford Sound is spectacular in any weather but when it rains here, you feel the full force of nature in this World Heritage wonderland. Imagine pop-up waterfalls, hanging mist and granite cliffs that get lost amidst low-hanging clouds. Read our top reasons to explore Milford Sound on a rainy day and you’ll be packing those gum boots (or galoshes!) in no time.

Best places to eat in NZ
Our top picks for the best places to eat in NZ

Along with a sense of adventure, don’t forget to pack in your appetite when visiting New Zealand. Our country is choca-block with eateries that pay homage to our world-famous produce. Here are our picks of best places to eat in NZ.