Milford Sound & Fiordland National Park Information

Planning a trip to Milford Sound? If you are visiting the South Island of New Zealand, you should definitely include Milford on your itinerary… And plan to stay more than a day — you simply can’t experience all that Milford has to offer in a day trip.

Milford Sound and the surrounding Fiordland National Park has much more to offer than probably the best scenery you will ever see.  The area is rich in flora and fauna and a product of a dramatic pre-history and fascinating geological story that formed today’s stunning landscape. A challenging landscape that has combined with a sometimes harsh climate to influence a human history characterised by change and failed attempts to master the beautiful environment.

Learn more about Milford Sound & Fiordland

  • Geology — Learn the amazing story behind the formation of the landscape
  • Flora — Gain some insight into the gloriously diverse plant life of Fiordland National Park
  • Fauna — Discover the amazing array of rare species that you might see when you visit Milford
  • Sea Life — Find out about the equally rare species you may see in the unique marine environment of Milford Sound
  • History — Marvel at the fortitude shown by the people who have tried to build a life in the remote wilderness you see today
  • Milford Track — Learn what makes the most well known of local tracks one of  the world’s great wilderness experiences.
  • Holyford Track & Jamestown — Discover why this less renowned walking track is considered the most diverse in the region.
  • Routeburn, Greenstone & Caples tracks — Find out about these three linked tracks that many walkers consider superior to Milford Track.

Book your stay now to create an unforgettable Milford experience that allows you to see and enjoy all that Fiordland has to offer.